Sprightly Brush Script Font

We’re so pleased to announce this absolutely fabulous new brush script font by Missy Meyer. She’s graciously released it as a commercial use font which you can download. What an awesome gift.

Sprightly Brush Script Font

Download Sprightly Brush Script Font


2 Responses

  1. Su Hall says:

    Thank you, ma’m! This one is a bit different than the other script fonts.
    Hope all is well with you! It’s been tough going here, but, I think it’s all going to be okay. My daughter moved out! LOL I actually have my house to myself! I’m having fun setting up the other rooms and getting things the way I want them. I miss my grandson, but, this is better.
    How is everything with you? Hope it is all good!
    Thank you, ma’m! Do take care, my dear!
    Su (the ‘OTHER’ one – LOL)

    • You’re welcome Su! Things have been up and down here. Keeping some personal time to myself is key for me. You will likely benefit from having personal time too. It sounds like you’re enjoying your space and your time. I was pretty burned out recently but have had a bit more free time lately. A friend and I are moving into a 4 bedroom house downtown, walking distance to the beach. I’m so excited about that! In the beginning of June I’m flying out for my son Jasper’s high school graduation and looking forward to that as well.

      Maybe some time we can chat on skype or something. I’ll actually have FAST internet in town. YAY!!!!! <3 Hugs sis! Sü

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